Why Socks are so cheap?

We buying socks in bulk from US, Ukrainian and Chinese factories. They ship products to us in Texas. Probably some of them you might see in European or Chinese websites or even Amazon, but we assure you we have best and honest quality and cheapest price you can find, plus with fastest shipping time-2-6 days.

Where socks made?

Currently we have contracts with US, Ukraine and Chinese factories. Contracts are official and products are ethically made.

Here is some videos from our partners:

Factory in Luhansk, Ukraine


Factory in Alabama, USA


Factory in Zheijang, China



What socks are made of?

 Most of our socks made of 60-70% cotton. The rest is polyester, nylon or mixed fabric. More socks in mass market made of just polyester. Either you gonna buy it from us or from other stores make sure it has at least 40% of cotton. They are soft to touch and not cause rush and itch to your feet. 

Who we are?

We are a family of four living in Pearland, Texas. My name is Kyrylo, I came from Ukraine seven years ago and always dreamed of having a family business. With support from my spouse, on Jan 7 2019, we have opened our online socks store.

How about sizes?

We trying to put all info about socks in their description. Rather this men or women socks (or unisex), sizes and what they're made of.

How to wash Racconsocks?

Separate your socks, turn inside-out and organize into pairs. Wash in cold water (30 degrees or lower), gentle cycle, with light detergent. Turn right-side out. Hang Dry, fold and put away. 


We are NOT dropshipping business. All our socks already in our warehouse  in Texas, USA. Delivery time within US is 2-4 days and to Canada 7-14 days.

Shipping cost within US is $5.99 and FREE after $35 spent (USPS)

to Canada is $25 and free shipping over $80 (USPS and UPS) i wish shipping cost was cheaper but this is lowest we can find. 

Have more questions? email us info@raccoonsocks.com we answering very quick!