Where are our socks made?

Currently, we have official contracts with American and Chinese factories. Our products are ethically made.

What are our socks made of?

Most of our socks include 60-70% cotton, polyester, nylon or mixed fabric, compared to the majority of the socks on the market which are mainly polyester. Due to the makeup of our socks, our socks are soft to the touch and won't cause your feet to itch.

Who are we?

My name is Maddy and I have always dreamed of owning my own business! We are in Spokane, WA and have been selling the cutest socks since 2019!

How about sizes?

We put all info about our socks in their respective descriptions. Rather than labelling our socks with “men” or “women”, we list length, width, and what the socks are made of.

How to wash Raccoonsocks?

Separate your socks, turn inside-out and organize into pairs. Wash socks on cold with a gentle cycle and light detergent. Turn right-side out. Hang, dry, fold and put away. 


Delivery time varies but will be as quickly as we can make it! Shipping is FREE on orders over $25!

Have more questions? Email us at info@raccoonsocks.com and we will respond as quickly as we can!