About Us


We are a family of four living in Pearland, Texas. My name is Kyrylo, and I came from Ukraine seven years ago with dreams of starting a family business. With support from my spouse, on January 7, 2019, we opened our online socks store. When we started creating our store, we wanted it to be something unique and interesting.

We monitored multiple sock stores and all of them were selling at $8-12 a pair (can you believe it?!) So, we decided to start selling socks at $1-4 a pair! We are still buying our socks from manufacturers in the US, China, Korea, Philippines, Ukraine, Italy, and Poland.

We have to buy our socks in bulk with 5-6k each style so that wholesale price will go down and we can sell them for $1-4. (We are giving you all of our secrets because a lot of you are asking if we are legit.) Before we buy these socks, we always make sure that they aren’t made of less than 70% cotton and that they are great quality.

We dream of one day producing all of our own socks here in Texas! We pack and ship our socks with our own hands. Another plan of ours in 2022 is to get away from plastic. We want to be more environmentally friendly. These changes began in June of 2020, and we offer carton packaging for just a small additional cost.

If you are a TikTok lover, contact us and let’s do a collab! If you have a small business like us, let’s help each other! We can ship our products directly to your customers with your packaging at a special price. DM us.

We hope you like what we do and show us your love on Social Media!

For any direct comments/concerns, please email us at: info@raccoonsocks.com Or call +18182926664

Thank you for your interest, and please keep shopping with us!


Sincerely, Raccoon Family