Saying goodbye.

Saying goodbye.

Last week we find out that one of our supplier factory was bombed in Ukraine. Building was completely destroyed. Our hearts is broken. No news if there is people in the building at that time.

We were producing "No Lazy Llama", "Raccoonmama", "Raccoonsocks 101, "Attitude", "Emotions" and many other styles. 

We hope this madness will end soon and we can rebuild what was destroyed. 

We stand with Ukraine and Ukrainian people.

Supporting people in need

Supporting people in need

We, at Raccoonsocks, like many devastated on what's going on in the heart of Europe. Since February 24, 2022 in Ukraine 127 children were killed and many others was injured. Lots of cities was totally destroyed. We can not stand aside of this horrible events.

Our small Family store and partner Factories from US, Turkey, Vietnam, China, Ukraine and other countries that were with us since our store was born in 2018 to  united to support people in need. All profits from your orders will go to volunteers in Ukraine that supply people with food, medications, clothes etc.

You can help to people of Ukraine, or any other groups of people in need in the planet to volunteering in your local help center or donate small amount. 

Help through us:

paypal - @racoonsocks (with one "c")

zelle -

venmo - @raccoonsocks

Please put a note " support Ukraine" 


Ukrainian organization savelife


Houston's Grace Nutrition Market that collecting and shipping humanitarian aid 

 We also opened Tips at checkout for make it easy for you to roundup your order if you'd like. 

We will be changing our store mission from now on. Now and further we will try to help people in need either it will be a crisis in a Country or just one person in need. We will keep you updated on our future projects. So far, since February 24 (beginning of the war) we collect and send over $7000 to Ukraine. 

Its time to make a difference.

Kyrylo Butenko,

founder of Raccoonsocks, born in Ukraine.